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    Professional Development Programs

    What You Will Learn:

    All of Shane’s programs can be customized to meet your needs. You can even decide to combine content from each of them. The programs can be offered as a keynote address, a seminar, or breakout program.

    The Keys to Persuasion and How My Programs Can Help You

    7 Proven Ways to Persuade, Motivate, and Influence Anyone

    Winning Presentation Skills

    Learn How to Captivate, Educate, and Motivate

    Nothing could be truer than what Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.” A close second would be Mark Twain’s observation, “There are two types of speakers in the world: those that are nervous and those that are liars.” This program focuses on the skills you need to make an outstanding presentation, no matter where you find yourself on your journey to becoming a great speaker. The following is just some of the content that is included in the program.

    1. Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

    • Learn why everyone is afraid of public speaking

    • Understand why the conventional wisdom is wrong about the goal for a presentation

    • Learn the tools professional athletes and performers use to overcome the fear of failure

    • Discover ten techniques to ensure confidence in your presentation

    2. The Principles of Public Speaking

    • Learn how to be yourself. You need to because everyone else is taken anyway.

    • Speak from the heart to persuade

    • Determine what your audience needs in order to win them over.

    • Turn a boring presentation into an engaging conversation with your audience

    • Discover three techniques to simplify complicated ideas

    3. How To Tell A Story

    • Understand what a story really is

    • Create a bottom-line message you want your audience to understand above all else

    • Learn how to find at least one human truth about why your story is important

    • Use a structure that starts strong and best relates what happened

    • Understand the importance of using descriptive language

    • Tell the good, the bad, and the ugly about the facts in your presentation

    • Connect to the emotions of your audience

    4. Using PowerPoint Effectively

    • Get the right equipment

    • Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”

    • Learn the basic skills to create PowerPoint slides

    • Discover the seven principles to creating a memorable PowerPoint

    5. Delivering Your Presentation

    • Understand the techniques to deliver your argument

    • Become a believer in the principle that you should not use notes

    • Discover the tricks memory experts use

    • Become aware of the importance of body language

    • Analyze examples of good and bad gestures

    • Make your voice interesting

    • Speak with conviction

    • Adapt to Zoom and Skype Meetings

    • Learn how to practice

    • Study the master orators in history

    How to Boost Your Persuasion and Influencing IQ

    Persuade, motivate, and influence anyone, anytime, and anywhere

    Throughout the past several decades, advances in behavioral science research have shed enormous light on how people make decisions. Some of it confirms what our life experiences have taught us, but the research also gives many new insights to be more persuasive. The following is just some of the content for this program.

    1. The Science Behind How our Brain Makes Decisions

    • Understand the differences between the automatic and reflective brain

    • Learn the science that proved the conventional wisdom wrong about decision-making

    2. Rules of Thumb for Decision-Making

    • Discover the power of anchoring

    • Understand the lure of associations

    • Decide whether framing a decision is important or not

    3. How to Persuade Others

    • Learn how to make complicated ideas simple

    • Realize that there are leaders and followers in your audience

    • Make decisions easy for your audience

    • Create memorable PowerPoint slides

    4. You Are the Architect of Your Presentation

    • Utilize confirmation bias

    • Develop counterthemes

    • Elevate your audience’s attention

    • Take advantage of the power of word association and metaphors

    • Learn the keys to ensure success before, during, and after your presentation

    5. Build Trust with Your Audience

    • Examine Aristotle’s principles of trust building

    • Analyze studies showing how to create trust

    • The three principles of rapport building

    • Become the most trustworthy person in the room

    • Learn how to effectively answer any question

    6. How to Negotiate Effectively

    • Building trust with the other side

    • Learn the behavioral science regarding negotiation strategies

    • Dos and Don’ts of every negotiation

    7. Rapport Building

    • How to engage with anyone

    • Be the most likable person in the room

    • Ten techniques that work every time

    What Clients Are Saying

    “Shane Read is an immensely skilled teacher and storyteller. With visual examples, he takes an everyday action and turns it into a common-sense lesson for achieving success. He has valuable “dos and don’ts” that help his audiences perfect their own personal strategies.” One of our customers said it best in his evaluation, “This is one of the best CLE programs of all time.”

    — Stacey Thomas, Program Manager, Pennsylvania Bar Institute

    Coaching Programs

    What You Will Learn:

    If you want personalized training on how to become a captivating and memorable presenter, Shane offers one-on-one training that maximizes the efficiency of the learning process and ensures that your personal goals are met.

    Benefits of Personal Training

    • You can discuss and overcome your fears and weaknesses in a private setting.

    • Shane will focus on your specific needs.

    • The coaching starts at your level of experience so that there is no wasted time.

    • You can work on an upcoming presentation in the privacy of a one-on-one session.

    • The time of the training is flexible so that it fits with your busy schedule.

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